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Prime Energy Group is proud to offer whole building solutions for new homes. We work with builders, architects, and home owners to evaluate the best envelope solutions for each individual project. Depending on the project stage, we can also assist with site orientation and other design considerations that will affect the home's overall energy performance.

After the plans are complete, we can then project the home's performance by creating an energy model using each individual building component. This information can be used to make window, insulation, and roof material selections and/or adjustments. This part of the process also results in a HERS score.

HERS is the rating system used by the U.S. Department of Energy to establish a home's energy performance. We can also use this modeling to consult on, and file for, EnergyStar Certification.

In addition to energy savings, this system-based Approach also allows you to control indoor climate. Humidity in a home can be a serious issue. Though our modeling efforts, we can ensure a comfortable home that remains free of mold, mildew, dust mites, and other allergens.

In order for us to uphold our integrity, being known as experts in our field, we found it important to team up with a manufacturer that we believe in. Now, that we are a proud Icynene Dealer, we are 100% confident that we are delivering the highest quality service, as well as providing a product from a true leader in the spray foam industry. Icynene goes above and beyond to make sure that they follow the industry's top training methods and fully cooperate with the high standards of the industry's safety regulations.

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Prime Energy Group and Icynene 2013

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A building, particularly a home, is more than windows and walls, ceilings and floors; it’s a system, points out Jay Melamed, founder and president of Prime Energy Group (Prime). “It’s more than just a structure you live in,” Melamed says. “A home operates like a machine and there are many variables to take into account in how well the machine performs –ventilation, filtration, humidity, insulation and many more factors play a role.”

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Icynene Spray Foam Used in 2 Award Winning North Carolina Modernist Houses (NCMH) 2013 George Matsumoto Prize Winning Home

The Matsumoto Award winners relied on Icynene and it's certified contractors to help boost the efficiency and integrity of the homes they created.

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