Home Energy Audits

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Our extensive home energy audit process includes the following:

An extensive evaluation of the homeowner's goals for, and concerns with, the home. (For example, hot/cold spots, excessive energy bills, etc.)

A thorough visual inspection of the home to identify moisture, air intrusion, and insulation problems.

An evaluation of the HVAC units and its duct work. If appropriate, a duct blaster test may be conducted to quantify total duct leakage.

A detailed inspection of the crawl space to identify energy, moisture, pest, or safety concerns.

An air leakage test conducted using a blower door to accurately gauge total home air exchanges. This test also allows the auditor to identify the culprits in air leakage.

Testing of the home's gas appliances for safety and efficiency.

We then compile audit results into a custom report for your home, and our BPI-certified building analyst reviews the needed improvements with you to create an action plan.

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