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Did you know that air infiltration could be increasing your energy costs by as much as 40%? When your insulation isn’t up to par, you waste immense amounts of energy as heat passes in and out of your home through your walls, attic, basement, etc. By working with an experienced insulation team like Prime Energy Group, homeowners, business owners and builders can sharply increase energy efficiency, property value, and even protection against invasive pollen, mold and pests.

To learn more about what Prime Energy Group could do for your property in the Charlotte area, reach out to us today. You can contact us by messaging us online.

Benefits of a Well-Insulated home

A well-insulated home is critical to controlling energy costs, but that’s not the only benefit you’ll see from improving the insulation in a home, business or other building. Insulation improves indoor air quality, because heat and cold aren’t the only things that can pass into a poorly sealed building: Pollutants, mold, moisture and pollen can come in through many of the same gaps that let the heat in or out.

If you choose the right insulation, you can gain other benefits as well. Some forms of insulation can significantly dampen noise, allowing for improved privacy from room to room and greater protection against external noise pollution — and perhaps let you enjoy your sound system or practice an instrument without neighbors complaining.

Other insulation protects exceptionally well against moisture, a must for some areas where the water will take any opportunity to invade, damage, and feed growths and pests.

If you would like to hear about other benefits of a well-insulated home, reach out to Prime Energy Group by visiting our contact page.

How Spray Foam Works

Spray foam insulation, sometimes referred to as SPF or SPF insulation, is a form of insulation that is applied via sprayer as a wet layer. As it dries, SPF expands into a thickened curtain of foam, filling in gaps with perfect accuracy and leaving behind an exceptionally effective barrier against heat, sound and moisture.

Because it leaves minimal voids, you avert the traditional problem of efficiency loss from missed gaps. SPF also minimizes thermal bridging, sustains its R-value (thermal resistance) under conditions where other materials lose resistance, and minimizes problems inherent to other insulation, such as dew point and condensation issues.

How Fiberglass Works

For projects or applications where spray foam isn’t an ideal fit, fiberglass batts and fiberglass loose-fill remain a solid low-cost alternative, versatile enough to match just about any need with enough creativity.

Fiberglass batts are traditional fiberglass wool panels, with thickness determining the R-value of a given batt. You can layer multiple batts for additional R-value if necessary, though care must be taken to avoid gaps between batts or along nooks, crannies or unusually shaped areas.

Fiberglass loose-fill may be familiar to you if you’ve been in many unfinished attics, as this is the loosely packed fiberglass insulation frequently used in the floor of attics to air seal attics from the rest of the home. It can also be used to fill in other spaces, such as crawl spaces, or even to fill gaps in poorly insulated walls.

Signs You Need More Insulation

Not sure insulation is a problem? Consider whether any of these is familiar

  • Drafts despite good caulking and weatherproofing
  • High energy bills despite modern HVAC systems
  • Snow melting on the roof despite below-freezing temperatures, or ice dams hanging from the edge
  • Moisture, pests or noise pollution
  • Poor air quality despite air quality management

Why Choose Prime Energy Group

Prime Energy Group brings integrity, knowledge and excellent customer service to every project, big or small. We deliver premium products at the hands of expert teams of installers, with an eye to matching our customers’ needs on any project. Whether you need merely insulation or a full energy audit of your building, we’re ready to help you achieve maximum efficiency, air quality and peace of mind.

Reach out to Prime Energy Group today to schedule insulation services in Charlotte. Contact us today by reaching out to us online or calling us at (980) 339-3293.

Products We Install

Our team installs both batt and blown-in fiberglass insulation.

Spray Foam

Prime Energy Group is proud to be a leading installer of spray foam insulation.

Shower Doors

When you turn to Prime Energy Group for shower doors, you work with a great team.


From standard sizes to custom cuts, we offer all types of mirrors.

Closets & Shelving

Prime Energy Group installs quality shelving and storage solutions.

Bathroom Accessories

Prime Energy Group offers bath accessories for every taste.

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